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What Do Norman Rockwell's Four Freedoms Mean to You?

In the special exhibition American Chronicles, one gallery asks visitors to respond to Norman Rockwell's iconic Four Freedoms (pictured below) by leaving a Post-it Note stating what each of the freedoms depicted - Freedom from Fear, Freedom from Want, Freedom of Worship and Freedom of Speech  - means to him or her. The response has been overwhelming! We've compiled some of the best notes from the exhibition here ... and invite you to log in and leave additional comments below.

Four Freedoms

Images, clockwise from top left: Freedom from FearFreedom from WantFreedom of Worship, Freedom of Speech,  Norman Rockwell, 1943, War bond posters, story illustrations for The Saturday Evening Post, February 27, 1943, ©1943 SEPS: Licensed by Curtis Publishing, Indianapolis, IN


Freedom from Fear

 To not hear the word “cancer” again

Freedom from bad dreams

Freedom from our elected officials

You don’t have to be afraid of monsters. –KMO

No more war

Feeling safe

Safety from attacks, revolts and fear itself

Freedom of fear of persecution of m race, gender, ideology and opinions

Not to promote war, but to promote peace

Freedom from being judged based upon the color of my skin

We don’t have to worry about the safety of our friends and family

You don’t have to worry about danger

Free from politicians that violate the constitution

Safety, no more fighting of wars

Let the war mongers fight the wars not the young men and women!

To not succumb to our government/media’s culture of fear

Trust in others. Belief in the inherent goodness of others.

Fear of rejection when I speak my mind

Right to bear arms

No gunfire heard – day or night

Jesus, my Lord, said “Fear not” – and so I won’t

Freedom from worries about my children’s safety.

Perfect love casts out fear

To not be suspicious every time my government tries to pass a bill. They are running this country on fear.

Not to never be afraid, but to know that those sworn to protect us are giving their all on our behalf. Thank you Veteran’s!

To reprove, discipline & teach my children without fear.

The freedom to not having to worry about the future, or the present.

Not fearing to walk out your door every day –EWK

Freedom from scary politicians like those who are running for president

Security from persecution violence or aggressors

To secure peace is to prepare for war

If we want peace, we must work for justice

Being able to walk alone at night

The freedom to sort out for one’s own self where danger lies and where it doesn’t - DLS

To not be fearful of political rhetoric

Freedom from government intrusion

To not be fearful of political rhetoric.

I may sleep tonight knowing I have a country of the brave

The civil rights of all are protected

Not Worrying about People Suffering

Letting go of the Fears that hold you back.

As a little black girl growing up in the south, there were
many things to be fearful of. Thank god me kids do not have to go through that

It means that I can go outside and not be burned for being a

It means world peace!

Freedom to marry the person I love without reprisals or

My government NOT having the right to detain me without

Acceptance of everyone everywhere

The only thing that should be feared is fear itself.

That you will not see children suffer from war anymore.

God bless our armed forces!

To realize how lucky we are and always seek to serve others
and understand Truth.

The Bible says do not fear for God is with us.

Knowing that you are safe from all that is evil.

Freedom from fear is freedom from hate.

A life without fear leads to a life free to make choices and
appreciate everything life has to offer.

Pepper spray is not an acceptable means of remonstration.

Knowing that one day my sisters, husband, and friends will
come home safe from deployments.

Freedom to feel safe. To feel lobed and protected. To live
our lives without unnecessary fear and to have courage when we do fear.

That my gay child will not fear for her life because of her

Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to eat.
Liberty is a well armed sheep.

Being able to live anywhere, be who you are, believe in what
you will, all without it being an offense against the community.

No indefinite detention

To never worry about losing your happiness or your rights to
a fulfilled life. Never worrying about losing your independence or your right
to choose your own destiny.

Facts can dispel fear.


To dream with innocence, to dream without boundaries.

Knowing that freedom isn’t free. That my father and
grandfather served my country so that I could remain free to vote, own land,
speak my mind, own a gun, and worship the lord Jesus Christ freely!

To be in the right body and not be persecuted for knowing
it. I only wish for what many seem to have, the right body.

Not ever being in a house of worship and having the thought
that gunfire could erupt at anytime.

It means being able to use the internet without fear that
someone is stealing my finances.

Freedom from fear means: Not fearing what I say will cause
him to be angry; Doing as I choose, making decisions for myself  without fear of criticism; not being afraid
to simply be me; mand feeling liked and loved for me. I am not afraid any

To have the knowledge that you are safe.

Not fearing a police state with loss of liberties.

May we each be loved, feel safe and protected.

To play with my children without hearing gunshots.

To enjoy traveling in a safe environment.

Freedom from the fears of my ancestors is a great and
wonderful assurance, I wish the same for my grandchildren.

Thanking god from the protection I have from our police and

To always be myself.

The knowledge that the military is protecting us.

War is terrible but they did fight a war for these freedoms.

Working together for the common good, instead of divisive,
fear-mongering politics.

The only way to have it is to know god is truly real and in

No worrying about bullies.

No war.


No fighting or worrying about if you are safe or not at

Fear only god. Let no man take away humanity.

I fear the religious fundamentalists. Their “commandments”
apply to everyone but themselves.

Freedom from fear of retribution for being a woman with a

To be able to have a strong military and keep it strong.

To be able to trust that the people in charge care about
more than themselves or their careers.

To feel safe, not only in your own space, but in your own

The ability to switch off/on Rush Limbaugh.

Freedom to turn on or off anyone on TV/Radio

I wish this were true today – as will all these freedoms –
we’ve been restricted & made to fear.

I fear Congress, the Whitehouse, and the Governments. I wish
I trusted them, but I can’t.

Being fearless isn’t not having any fears. Being fearless is
having fears and being able to overcome them.

Being able to embrace the future/unknown without worrying
about what might happen.

To be most free of this so we can say what we want, worship
the way we want (including one nation under god), and to not be worried our children
will not flourish and be healthy and happy.

It means no more war ever. No matter how many believe it
solves something, they just don’t know.

Being able to go to the bus stop to go to work without
worrying about being robbed.

Fear inspires us into action – take control – trust yourself.

Not being persecuted for being true to oneself and loving
who you love.

Trust in god.

Pushing past that terrible gut feeling and remembering that
god will take care of all of us.

Freedom from fear of the future.

When the events of 9/11 took place, I told my husband that
this N.R. image kept coming to my mind…Hoe very much I wanted to keep my son
and my country SAFE.

Be kind always, create no fear.

Freedom from looking over your shoulder, waiting to be betrayed
by government and country.

Not having to fear losing all freedom.

The development of a world of economic justice, social
inclusion, political dialogue and a culture of non-violence.

To sleep at night knowing that because I chose to stop the abuse
my children can sleep in peace.

To place your trust in your creator who is in control of all

Freedom from corporate demonization of out economy.

The day that you can get on an airplane without having to
strip or get poked or prodded and treated like a criminal. Tell me when did it
get to be ok to terrorize the innocent.

Men like Cpl Paul Zanowick that exist and serve.

That I am the only person in control of my destiny and I
live without fear if I so choose.

I do not have to think about my physical safety.

Fear is being sold to us as a commodity for profit – reject it.

Living in the present. Being joyful right now regardless of
what is going on around me or in the world. Enjoying life each and every day.

Thank you John F. Braeunig for joining to serve in the
Marines in WWII. I love you dad.

To move from the feeling of fear into the feeling of love

To trust others and yourself.

Our nation should provide an environment that allows every
individual to express his or her unique virtues without worrying about

That my girlfriend and I can live open lives as a lesbian
couple of 14 years and wish everyone could live as equals.

That my mother-in-law is too far away to drive to my house.


Freedom from Want

Being satisfied

There are no shortages of anything, only an abundance of greed.

It’s a “dream” that I don’t think will ever be fully realized, but we can always strive for it

That humanity’ universal needs and desires are met. Mutual compassion, end of hunger, water or everyone: there is enough to go around

Knowing the difference between need an want

Being thankful for what we have –Cloe

Freedom to fully appreciate irrelevant materialistic things


To accept what you have and enjoy living because that is life!

Freedom to choose healthy food from a local farmer without government interference

Freedom to love whomever you want

To not be starving or hungry

It might be well for Americans to distinguish between “wants” and “needs”. –DLS

Good spirit in your heart, good food in your belly, good friends & family on your hearth

Unprosecuted sexuality, love is love

Do you have a car? Cell phone? Flat screen? We are lucky!

Being thankful for what we posses rather than focusing on what we think we are missing.

Everyone has the basics: food, shelter, clothing, peace.

Having my basic needs met –ADB

Sharing what God has given

To me , it means to be safe and content without having to rely on any system or subsidies or programs to give you the life we are all striving to have. –KMA

The freedom from having to worry about if you have what you need

Do not covet thy neighbor’s goods

Appreciate what you already have

With downsizing and layoffs we have adjusted to live with less; drive old cars and enjoy life instead of want.

Thank goodness for freedom for people to work for what they need! People on welfare are not the governments problem and not with my tax dollars.

To know when enough is enough

To hold true with what you have and keep it precious to you

It is an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work

I am 39 years old and I have never gone a day without food, clothing or shelter. I am the poster child for “Freedom from Want”. How many Americans are like me? We are blessed!

Be a good deed does! Share your time and money

Go for what you want. Don’t feel judged. Don’t feel hate.

It is a blessing to have what we need and to share our surplus.

Friends wherever you are and German food

To be willing to do with less so all may have enough

We are all free to work and have our own needs met.

Godliness with contentment is great gain

Contentment comes from within

Freedom from materialism.

To be able to live simply without hunger, with clothing, and
with shelter.

You do not have a right to anything you want. You have the
freedom to earn anything you want.

Desire for all to have access to the best that life offers
whatever their racial/ethnic origin on socio-economic status.

To be content.

Freedom from government excess, overspending, oppressive
taxation, spiraling national debt and ultimate financial subservience to China.

Being happy and grateful for what God has given you. That
there is always someone you can help today, because most of us have more wants
than needs.

Having basic needs satisfied without stress.

Everyone having the resources they need to live up to their
full potential.

True compassion for the needy.

Keeping the fruits of my labor so that I may provide to
family and friends as I see fit!

To work hard to provide – This freedom is not free.

Every night I go to sleep in a bed with my stomach filled:
my wants have been met.

No child should want for safety, shelter, food, or love!

Personal responsibility. Reward achievement no not reward

Freedom from want or freedom of opportunity?

We are not, in reality, free from want but that does not
mean we cannot have a good life.

The government should provide everything until we are all

Our responsibility extends beyond ourselves to see that
others do not go hungry.

Happiness is not getting what you want, but wanting what you

Less government over-regulation of business so that people
can provide for themselves.

That we as a society have been very lucky to not have to go
without our basic needs. But also that we have the ability to help the rest of

The freedom to work hard and earn the fruits of our labors.
To move forward in life, as far as we are willing to go.

It is the world staying away from racism.

In the feast of materialism and ego, everyone leaves hungry.

The right to marry whoever and wherever.

No one to tell you no, nothing is holding you back.


Better leadership so our future generations can have an
honest income to live with families.

We should be free to work hard for what we want, not depend
on government.

Simplicity, do more with less.

Everyone deserves a chance for the American dream. NO ONE
needs to advantage of other’s hard work.

Tax the rich, they will still be rich.

Being grateful for abundance present in life every day.

When need is met – have the opportunity to help others.

That I can get what I need right now, no waiting.

Doesn’t mean you can just sit back and have everything
handed to you.

There will always be want. The want for love and friendship,
something money can’t grant you.

It is the defining line that separating humans from other

To get back what is rightfully yours.

Freedom to willfully shop at public markets

I want to be able to choose what parent to be with without
having to deal with courts.

Every man, woman, and child in America has every need met –
food shelters, education, clean clothing, bed and love unconditional.

To have enough to be able to share with others.

To pursue a major in college that actually interests you
instead of what your parents want you to do/be.

I wish the world would cooperate better to see this being

To never having to choose between sleeping in my car or in
my own bed.

To have everything you need with no limits

Content with what you have. Give to those who have not.

Be who you want, don’t let people change you.

Freedom to eat from my own table and drink from my own well.

Always be loved and have someone to love.

Seize opportunity and prosper.

Less government control.

Some people dream of worthy accomplishments while others
stay awake and do them.

Is to live with the expectation that you already have what
you need.

That you have the opportunity to control your destiny…not
expect someone else to provide for you.

To be able to work/earn for my needs in a free market

I pay my taxes joyfully, I am glad to help people get food

The freedom to do work to provide for my family.

Means that you can afford to come to this museum and pay to
see an exhibit.

In a world full of money no man should go hungry.

We have the right to pursue happiness, not have it as many believe.

To be completely fulfilled – happy with every aspect of one’s

Not everyone can sit at a pretty table but all of us can aspire
to here in the USA

Freedom from want is a socialist ideal. Are you going to take
it by force from someone else?

No longer exists.

Don’t be greedy or it will come back to bite you.

Seeing the whole world as my neighbor.

Be thankful for everything you have because you could be
someone who has nothing.

Our bountiful harvest needs to be available for all. We work
and share.

In my 18 years I have never experienced real hunger. Never
felt hungry and not had something available to me (even if I didn’t care much
for it). To take away that hunger.

God is a provider of all.

Closing the gap between have and have not

Freedom from Democrats

No child should go hungry – in America, millions do – greed is
not a virtue.

You can work hard and achieve your goals. They are not
handed to you, but you are free to earn what you want.

To be able to just be

Sustainable living for a future “green” planet.

Satisfied with what we already have.

Fairness for the 99%

Freedom to eat without the need of money.


Freedom of Worship

 I can pray anyway I want

To love whomever you want

 To be able to speak beliefs – whatever they may be – and to not be forced to hide my beliefs from fear of persecution               

To LOVE whomever & whatever you want.

To lift my heart and voice in praise of God without hindrance

“Imagine there’s no heaven, it’s easy if you try” – John Lennon

To love my Jesus and not have to be censored

To not be politically correct when it comes to religions

Be of any religion

Atheists live free

Believing we should be able to have a Christmas play at school and if you are not Christian, don’t come or participate.

Worship any god; Allah, Buddha, Jesus, without judgment from anyone.

Freedom to be my own god

To write “Jesus” and not have it taken down

This will only be realized when all religions are respected – not just Christians

The ability to talk to God & pray when you want at anytime.

Every person can decide how or if he or she chooses to worship a god o his or her understanding – ADB

I can be an atheist

Real freedom of worship will happen in heaven when I stand in the presence of God!

If it harms nothing, do what you will.

Free to worship the way that is right for me. The pilgrims paved the way – our soldiers fought to keep it alive – God Bless.

To worship in your way and allow others the same freedom! Do we know who is right? Love one another.

There is no freedom to force others to your ways.

Respect for everyone’s path in life

 Thank God that we live in a country founded on Biblical principles and allows us to worship Him as He commands!

To follow my own mind and heart

To chose whatever religion that you want and to worship God in your own way.

To respect all religions!

You shouldn’t be told how to worship. – Suliman

Freedom of Religion is freedom from organized religion.


Freedom to worship – or not – without being told I need to be “saved”.

To follow who we want to follow.

It means just what it says. If you’re a American citizen, you should be able to worship how you want and not be discriminated against. COEXIST.

To worship as we please and still get along with each other.

Not be forced to believe in something

Freedom to learn about other faiths – the good, the bad, & the ugly

To be able to go to the church of my choice

Children of Abramic faiths get along

I don’t have to pay to pray

Anyone should be able to marry

Faith cannot be forced it must be chosen

No hypocrisy

Separation of Church and State and every religion has a right to be

The freedom to be able to express my love for my God!

The fear of the Lord in the beginning of knowledge and wisdom.

Trust in God, which bring Inner Peace

Having faith in Humankind

I can worship what, who, when and wherever I want

Not using the cross to promote hatred

The 1st amendment means freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion.

Freedom to befriend your imaginary friend

To live in country where I am allowed to NOT worship

The atheist hatred for Christians would balanced back again. Being a Christian is not ignorance or a social crime.

To be able to run for office as an atheist

Freedom to be a Pastafarian

To honor God as you wish

To be able to listen to the truth

To not force your beliefs upon others

To give respect and adore whoever and whatever it may be.

God is not a white man. God does not belong to Republicans.
God does not belong to the government. God is love.

Religion is like food, It is ok to tell people to try it.
But do not shove it down their throats.


To be allowed to say the pledge “one nation under God” in
our schools.

Honor Christ as God’s son.

“I am just a man” –Buddha

That the freedom to exercise your religious practices
according to your own beliefs also means grating that right to others through

It means that you can believe whatever you want.

Being spiritual does not require partaking in organized

To each his own. We need to go beyond tolerance to
understanding without feeling threatened.

To Speak of, explore, and to learn about various religions.

John Lennon had it right!

Freedom to not worship.

No prejudice against people who do not believe what you do.

Freedom to worship who we want when we want.

Also, the freedom not to have any connection with religion
at all.

The unquestionable right to have imaginary friends.

That we all respect one another’s beliefs even if we do not
agree and pray for unity and peace.

Freedom to tell the truth of the bible.

It means respect.

Believing in whatever I want, even if it doesn’t fit an
already named religion.

To understand and accept that we all believe in something,
even if we believe in nothing.

Bidden or not, God is present.

Christians need to realize there are many other ideas and
stop persecuting those who hold them.

Our Political correctness needs to stop persecuting
Christians and Jews.

That I can love Jesus Christ and can go to church.

Free exercise of religion does not mean banning religion…it
is allowing all to choose.

Freedom from religion.

America is not an inherently atheistic country and if you
feel that you have the right to erase any trace of religion in order to pretend
that it is, you are gravely mistaken. We have the right to express our faith
just as you have the right to express your doubts.

Atheists are Welcome

To worship Jesus Christ.

There is more than one path to God.

Believe in your heart.

Honoring all spiritual paths


Freedom to choose what is best for you. A freedom that should
be allowed throughout the world.

Not to be afraid of what you believe in.

Be a free thinker.

Being able to show your religion.

To follow the path of Jesus without hating others or being
hated for it.

Freedom to tell my daughter that despite what her grandparents
say, she can choose her beliefs.

Love equally and love others just as you would to your
family no matter what religion they may be.

Our president should not be able to tell religions how to

Freedom to not have to believe in “god”

As Christians let us be dedicated to living like Jesus
loved- love all people.

Separation of church and state isn’t enough.

Everyone should mind their own business.

To worship the true and living God without hindrances of
time, religion or societal issues.

Protect our freedom to worship, respect others as they

Freedom of religion; that anyone is welcome in our country
regardless of what they believe. Not freedom from religion.

Free to worship or not, actions speak louder than words.

To never ostracize people based on their belief system. No
religion is necessarily the RIGHT one.

Not everyone believes in a higher power. That is ok. Not
everyone needs to.

Freedom of religion has been obliterated by “politically
correctness” Freedom of religion has been replaced by freedom from religion.
God help us!

To not be forced to religion because of the color of your

You won’t be shot in this country for worshipping Jesus Christ.

To be on an honest spiritual journey with the loving support
of others.

Every religion has those who are “radical”. We must not let
those become a stereotype. How good people are is not affected by religion.

To display a love of god, self, and others.

To cultivate and be supportive in my relationship with god.

To believe in whichever god I choose and not have someone
cram their “Christian” god down my throat.

Don’t make our country a Christian nation.

Not to trespass on anyone’s religion. Just know your own.

Houses of worship not being used for terrorists

Being free form other’s religious doctrine; where your moral
code has no impact on civil law.

To send god’s love back up to god, to complete the figure 8

Tolerance for all religions of the world, not just different
Christian sects.

To love everyone no matter their beliefs! Embrace them for
who they are.

Thank you Norman for you support of all religions – A young Muslim

Freedom from fundamentalists of all religions trying to kill
me with their love.

I understand this because I am from the country (England)
that you left because of this.

Tim Tebow can pray on a football field and not be ridiculed

We can believe in what we need and want to believe in.

No religion is unacceptable.

Freedom to worship the lord whenever and wherever he wants
me to.

To believe and worship wherever you please.

Rockwell’s painting, Christmas in Bethlehem represents this

Absolutely no one should impose their religious beliefs on

You are free to be a Christian in this country.

We can be free from being a “Christian” country.

And free to be a Christian country (as our founders intended).

The constitution provides for freedom of religion –
to believe or not to believe.

To worship the lord our god in our own way. Christian or

Freedom from a State Religion is a treasure and so valuable
a concept when the mystery of God is so vast and people’s understandings so

I have my beliefs, you have yours, agree to disagree.

To worship/pray to whichever god you want.

Tolerance, love, the golden rule, maturity

Respect for all faiths without judgment

Freedom to be a Christian and have my beliefs respected.

Worship or not, in the end we will all be face to face with
the creator for judgment.

To worship without demand, external penalty, or damnation.

Freedom yesterday, freedom today, freedom tomorrow, freedom
forever, pray for freedom.

God’s grace without government

Worship or ponder – as you please.

Religion out of politics

Politics out of religion

One of the last freedoms that truly remains but it too is
slipping into compromise.

May one on unite us

Stop Denouncing Muslim Americans

Theocracy over democracy

Not to just worship but to live my faith and not have the
government tell me otherwise.

Thankful we can worship how we want where we want.

Keep the “Christians” away from those who get the truth.

Freedom is having choice.

The right to believe that I am a good person without being
saved by someone else’s perception of god.

Freedom to embrace my own beliefs – even when they don’t
include a god.

After learning about the Holocaust, this is my most
important right. To be able to freely worship is everything.

Not being dictated by other religions – freedom of choice.

I can believe in god and say so. I can worship god and do

Acceptance of, respect for, and joy in our differences.


Respect and freedom for all religions.

I pray in my own way.

If everyone believed in what they want the world would be

To not make fun of people’s religion.

We, in the USA, must remember that we have the ultimate
freedom to worship – many in the world do not.

To believe in no God, but let others worship free and safe,
despite our different beliefs.

The idea that this country is based on. Some people have
forgotten that.

To choose to worship god anywhere and in any way that I

Not having someone say “you need to believe in this person”

Try to love yourself 
a little bit less and others a little bit more.

To practice my beliefs without fear or retribution. May all
be free to do this.

To not be afraid to wear my Star of David everywhere.

Respecting Christians as much as Christians respect others.

There are thousands of Religions in the world. Maybe none of
them has it right…and maybe god doesn’t care.

My faith will not be made illegal nor will my worship of god
be prohibited.


Freedom of Speech

We all have a VOICE, we are LIMITLESS

To honor listening as much as speaking!

Art in the greatest expression of speech.

Every voice counts

Being able to spew ignorance and hate. And the dignity not to

Free to not have a government handout

Encouragement to think critically

Economic hope for the future

Freedom to love whomever you want

To be secure in the future

Doing what you want and not caring <3

Has become over practiced, abused and helped bigotry, stupidity, prejudice, hatred, narrow mindedness.

To not be politically correct when it comes to religions

To be able to criticize our leaders without fear of retribution

I fear our Freedoms are becoming illusions.

Permissible obscenity

Not being afraid of humiliation or being ignored when you have something to say.

Not to take for granted – men gave their live and that makes this very precious

Everyman has in his heart a truth. Until he can say it, it’s mudded. We can allow those truths to compete in order to prove that which is best... and to prove ourselves.

You can say what you want, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be criticized for it.

To voice who you are. Be proud of what you have to say. It matters.

Love your neighbors despite their “flaws”: i.e. being gay, being a war hero, into drugs, looking different.

To speak without fear. But to not hurt each other and allow others the same freedom.

To say anything and not fear hurting someone’s feelings. And if I do, to talk and work it out.

To speak the truth, even if it is unpopular

I want the ability to speak intelligently anywhere.

The freedom to speak my mind and idea and accept that some will disagree, as I will disagree with them.

The freedom to compliment or criticize your government and your society

Free to be politically “Incorrect”

Be a better listener


The ability to tell the”Occupiers” that they are doing more harm than good.

Honest reporting by the media, NO taking sides!

Saying what you truly believe without fear of reprisal or judgment

To read what I want

Stop making opinions based just upon what you have heard, I want to hear what you have to say.

It means you don’t have to join a union unless you want to

To have presidential debates.

Not being pepper sprayed for peaceful protest

That we as a nation of individuals live up to highest ideals!

As an individual I can speak for myself.

Freedom of art

The ability to question and doubt

Be authentic

To not be censored

The freedom to say what you feel in your heart. Not just what other people want to hear, with no fear.

The freedom to post this!

Formulate your own thoughts and to share them effectively

I may not believe in what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it!

Be intelligent enough to think before you speak

We cannot have total freedom of speech, for it can be harmful to others – our Government can hurt us.

Speech is speech, money is money, money is not speech.

Americans often speak freely – perhaps they should also work
on listening to the gifts each person has to share – the freedom to listen.

All voices have value

Speaking your mind on lots of different matters without fear
of being arrested.

To truly be authentic, to know responsibility.

You have a right to be ignorant but an obligation to seek
the truth.

Freedom of speech means tact and diplomacy matter more not

The right to put your opinion on a post-it and display it
for everyone to read.

To say whatever is in your mind freely without being judged
or prosecuted.

The right to say and believe whatever I desire. This is
possible thanks to the men and women who have served our country.

Freedom to enjoy God’s gift of life

LGBT out loud!

Saying what is right – when everyone else thinks it’s wrong.
The freedom to complain while our veterans are out there risking their lives
for you.

To speak until truth is determined and discovered, truth is

It means you cannot punish me for saying George W. Bush was
a lousy president.

I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend
to the death your right to say it.

To be able to say what I want, when I want, and how I want.
I try to remember through my freedom that I still need to respect others’
freedom too.

Link these three: the freedom to speak, the responsibility
to think before you utter a word, the consideration of how your words make
another feel.

Be a free thinker.

Limitless learning.

Equally hate everyone.

To be able to say what is in your heart and soul without
fear and with the courage to change the world.

Do not say anything unless you really have something to say.

Everybody has opinions and you have one life to give them.
You have to let your voice be heard or nothing will change.

The right to be wrong!

It means being able to speak your mind, express an opposing
view, all without fear of reprisal or suppression.

To tell about Jesus Christ.

To tell about being an Atheist.

All voices have value.

Freedom of speech is what makes America unique. I think
people need to liste too – that is just as important.

The voice of the individual is more valid that the

Given to us via our constitution but really given to us by

It means that we all have the rightful courage and soul to
say what our heart and mind truly belives in and no one should ever take that

The right to ask you not to say merry Christmas to me.

Freedom of speech first compels us to think.

Freedom to say what you want despite political parties.

It means I can write and post things like this in public.

To have my beliefs accepted as my opinion – that it’s not

May be disappearing! Oppose ACTA, SOPA & PIPA.

To stand alone and rise for a cause.

To raise my children as independent thinkers who can change
the world if they want to.

To talk back to your wife.

We are losing this freedom: sliding away from us as we sit
in our comfortable life & letting it happen.

Obligation to let your values be known

You will still be criticized.

Without freedom of speech Martin Luther Jr. speech would not
have been allowed and where would we be now?

To speak and be listened to with respect and to do the same
for others.

Freedom of speech MEANS that you say should be heard. What
freedom of speech IS is to say what you feel, but don’t expect anyone to hear
about it unless you are “right” #govtfitter #sopa

Not to just Annoy but to express oneself

To be here today of my own free will.

Comes with responsibility and respect.

Being able to be your own person & not define ourselves
by society because every single one of you is beautiful.

The responsibility not to harm as you express yourself.

P.C. hides the truth

To be strange like no one else!

Freedom to speak out for a cause without being labeled as
betraying the values of some selfish political party.

Speak up to your politicians, they are no longer listening.

Freedom is deeper that political parties.

A spirit and conscience for the ages

Vote republican if you want to remain free.

Be the Change you want to see in the world.

To speak the truth. Challenging those who use Freedom” to

To live the Dharma – as Free!

Complicated, but ignoring it means it will go away.

To say what is in my heart as long as it encourages,
blesses, or gently corrects others.

Voices of a free society is a right, even the ignorant and
hateful kind.

No bibles in our schools.

Being able to have a bible and talk about god in school.

The precious ability to criticize, to publish, say, think,
feel, and believe what you want, without fear.

To Vote!!

We need to start speaking for ourselves because our elected
representatives no longer speak for “us”.

Our fathers died to enable each of us to have freedom of
speech. Don’t forget it!

It is good to have both liberal and rightwing news coverage.

Look at real life, Listen to reality, not the media.

The ability and encouragement to know what I think and share
has a contribution to the whole spectrum if opinions and perspectives.

That means I can say gummybearland exists

Being able to tell the stories in my heart without being
shunned for my ideas and interests.

Is at a grave risk of being lost. We need several more

To not silence minorities.

Not afraid to state opinions in my class without getting

Now we have freedom of speech only if its “politically
correct”. Thanks hidden communists!

If there wasn’t freedom of speech I would be in trouble all
the time.


Sometimes to speak the truth is dangerous but very needed by
all of us.

Freedom from uncensored internet.

A little censorship goes a long way.

A free press.

If I do not respect the rights of others to say what they believe
– even if opposite of what I believe – then who will defend my right to free

Do not be scared to let the world hear you.

Being free to express our ideas does not mean we can create
our own “facts”, nor are we free to be above criticism.

To understand one another without feeling the need to judge
each other. And most importantly, to love with total abandon.

Too much politically correct speech today.

Teach our children to be independent thinkers.

The freedom to speak, needing only the courage to stand up.

Our president would love to abolish our constitution. If he
is in for 4 more years we’ll lose all freedom.

The freedom as a U.S. citizen to speak out if the government
isn’t following the constitution exactly as it should – for the good of all
U.S. citizens.

The ability to question.

Speak for yourself, don’t let people speak for you

Freedom to say: I love god, like governments, tolerate my
neighbors, & hate nothing!

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