Those Who Care

July 13–October 27, Gallery 117
What does it mean to care? Who or what do you care for? Caring opens us up to others as we give our attention to their wellbeing, to our own wellbeing, and reminds us of our dependence on one another. This exhibition brings together a range of artworks that reflect on giving care and explore the variety of relationships that we encounter in different spheres of daily life. Often, this is other people–family and friends; mentors and teachers; or professionals dedicated to the needs of others, such as medical or spiritual care. Other times, it may be animals, the natural world or even things. Together, they encourage us to consider how caring for others and being cared for cultivates a flourishing society and gives richness to our individual lives.

Linda Black-Kurek Family Foundation
A grant from the General Fund of the Troy Foundation
University of Dayton

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