Telling Stories: World Literature in Art

Telling Stories: World Literature in Art
December 9, 2023–May 26, 2024, Gallery 117

What is your favorite story? When you think of it, do specific images come to mind? Throughout history, literature has served as a continual inspiration for visual art. This spans literary genres such as epics, fables, myths, novels, poems, plays and even screenplays. Sometimes, art functions as illustration and accompanies a written text, enhancing the reading experience. Other times, artists may create independent artworks that capture memorable moments from a story or spin off into more obscure imaginings.

Drawing on artworks from across cultures and in a range of mediums—including paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculptures and ceramics—this exhibition considers how images drawn from words enable us to, in turn, read texts in new ways. Presented in two parts, the exhibition will show different works on paper after March 4.

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