Exhibition Speaker Series: Joe Fig

Date: Saturday, 01/14/23, 3-4pm
Cost: included with admission to DAI , pre-registration encouraged (25 max capacity)

You are invited to an in-gallery talk with artist Joe Fig who will share insights on Focus Exhibition Joe Fig: Other Artists.

Register here.

From the paint-splattered barn of Jackson Pollock to the minimalist studio of Barnett Newman, Fig explores the process of making art, the working lives of artists, and the spaces where they work, what has been called the “preprovenance” of art. He recreates or imagines the artists at work, comparing the studios with the pristine museum environments where works are shown. Fig’s work is enjoyable on many levels, both serious and playful, all made in painstaking realism on a diminutive scale.

This program will take place within the galleries. Advance registration is strongly encouraged

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