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About this Resource

The Dayton Art Institute invites all educators to “Meet Your Museum”, whether for the first time or the hundredth time, through this interdisciplinary guide. It is designed to introduce you to the unlimited possibilities for learning found in the museum’s permanent collection by using selected masterpieces as the central element in interdisciplinary lesson plans. By making connections between the visual arts and the core disciplines taught in grades K-12, educators will be able to expand their students’ knowledge base and enhance their learning experience.

This guide addresses five disciplines: language arts, math, fine arts, science, and social studies. Within each division you will find lesson plans, each focusing on a particular work of art. Background information about the art and the artist/culture is provided along with additional resources, web links and a glossary of terms. Although lessons are directed to a specific grade level and its applicable Ohio Academic Content Standards, each lesson can be easily adapted to other grade levels.

It is our hope to introduce educators to many of the museum’s masterpieces as we continue to expand this site, adding additional lesson plans to each of the five divisions. But we also invite active participation in YOUR MUSEUM by submitting interdisciplinary lesson plans that you have developed based on the museum’s collection. Click here to learn more.