James Pate, Techno-Cubism: The Art of Line Painting

James Pate, Techno-Cubism: The Art of Line Painting

February 3–April 28, Linda Lombard and Paul Marshall Gallery 11

James Pate is one of Dayton’s most acclaimed living artists and is highlighted in this Focus Exhibition with more than one dozen of his large-scale charcoal drawings. Awarded “Best of Show” at the DAI’s 2022 Black Heritage Through Visual Rhythms exhibition, Pate creates highly detailed and visually complex compositions that demonstrate a modern and personal take on Cubism, which Pate calls “Techno-Cubism.” His subjects include musicians, athletes and fellow artists, and he often depicts aspects of the lived Black experience. His works speak to contradictions of the human condition, of the beauty found in human potential that too often collides with the harsh realities of urban life. Through his art, Pate addresses societal issues, especially the damaging effects of racism on communities, and he demonstrates different paths people may take. Most importantly, James Pate’s art starts conversations.

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