Art of Love

Art of Love occurs every Sunday in February. Art of Love encourages guests to visit us in-between exhibitions as well as our new exhibition. Guests will receive a gallery guide, 10% off wine, coffee & tea in the Leo. There will be a hands on art making project and conversation cards in Leo for guests. Social media opportunities for guests will include a photo booth in the rotunda and hearts for art, which allows guests to take a paper heart around the museum and take a photo with their favorite work. Lastly, there will be a raffle for guests each Sunday, prizes include museum memberships & tickets to DaytonLive.

Raffle Prizes for Feb 19th: DAI Family membership, 2 guest passes, $20 Museum Gift Card & 2 tickets to R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – A Celebration Of The Legendary Queen Of Soul tribute concert on Feb. 24

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