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The Dayton Art Institute hosts a variety of lectures and gallery talks throughout the year. Speakers include Art Institute staff, local and nationally known artists, art historians, museum professionals, collectors and more. Unless otherwise noted, lectures and talks are held in the NCR Renaissance Auditorium.


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Thursday, January 15, 2015 - 6:30pm

"I Was Modern, But"

The social and cultural tensions vividly represented in the special exhibition Deco Japan were also manifest in cinema production at this time, which was extremely prolific, popular, and experimental. Peter Doebler, doctoral candidate at the Graduate Theological Union, will illustrate this in his presentation “I Was Modern, But”: Tradition and Innovation in 1930s Japanese Film.

The title references Yasujiro Ozu’s movie I was Born But... (1932), one of the works Doebler will analyze during this talk in the NCR Renaissance Auditorium. While also examining Hiroshi Shimizu’s Japanese Girls at the Harbor (1933) and Mikio Naruse’s No Blood Relation (1932), Doebler will discuss the ways these filmmakers negotiated the intersection of modernism and tradition through the most modern of art forms, providing a unique perspective for consideration of the objects in the exhibition.

If you’re a fan of both film and art deco, you’ll want to make sure you attend this talk!

How To Go

"I Was Modern, But": Tradition and Innovation in 1930s Japanese Film
Date: January 15, 2015, 6:30 p.m.
Location: NCR Renaissance Auditorium
Cost: $5 members; $10 non-members

Tickets may be reserved in advance by calling 937-223-4ART (4278).

Image: Artist unknown. Songbook for “Song of the Milky Way”(Ginga no uta) from the Sho-chiku film Milky Way (Ginga), 1931. Color lithograph, inks on paper. Published by Sho-chiku kinema gakufu shuppansha. Printed by Noguchi Tsurukichi.

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